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Advantages of our parser


No need to use
third-party solutions


Our API and parser of tweets are developed completely independently of other software products.


High speed
and stability


Get data in the right amount and at any time, as our test service proves.


Support and configuration 24/7


Our tweets grabber provides data for any request in any format you need (json, excel, etc.).


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What kinds of features I will have?

  • 1. Personal Support 24/7.
  • 2. Data for all tweets.
  • 3. Maximum request monitoring time 3 minutes/request.
  • 4. Unlimited number of requests from one ip.
  • 5. You can choose format for report (excel, csv or API unswer in json).

Tweets Researcher - it`s your 100% statistic solution for Twitter and tweets

Our product is an excellent solution for your business due to its flexibility. Main need taken into account - multitasking. Our twitter tweet API works in such a way that it is possible to receive a response in the following formats:

Our paid version of the API allows you to monitor tweets non-stop 24/7 for your requests. We also envisioned the use of our solution not only with the delivery of an answer in the form of json to you, but our parser can parse twitter immediately in the desired format, sending it to you as a file or in the order sent to you using your API.

Can our twitter-a parser send results to cloud storage?

Yes, our system has the ability to send files to any cloud storage that suits you. Most often we work with dropbox and google drive.

Is it possible to upload data to my Google spread sheet?

Absolutely yes, because our development approach allows us to easily adapt to the customer’s configuration needs. The use of this kind of data is also acceptable.

What is the special feature of the free version of the tweeter?

The free version of our twitter grabber allows you to access the current issue of tweets for any request you are interested in in any language. The answer you receive is displayed as a graphical interface on the issuing page. The demo version of Tweets Researcher is not intended for commercial use. This product only shows the key features of our product, and also demonstrates the capabilities of the product and its ability to fault tolerance and business continuity.

I would like to order your services, how is the collaboration?

We cooperate in various areas, providing our product as a data delivery element for your needs in the required volumes. The possibilities of integration, as described above, are endless. At the moment, sales of services are carried out on the basis of "Contact Sales" (as a method for sales). In order for us to become more familiar with your needs, we ask you to fill out this feedback form Fill out the form .

What features does the system currently have?

In this version, our system is already constantly working under load, which is equal to 8.000 requests / hour (this is an approximate number of 80.000 tweets / hour), but this figure can be significantly increased, thanks to cloud technologies taken the basis of the product.

Is there any security certification?

Yes, all nodes of both public and private use have security systems and this site is an example for that.

Is collecting data from Twitter legal?

Yes, absolutely, if there is a collection of publicly available information. This is confirmed by numerous press releases of tweets taken from public accounts. But, we are forced to warn that we are not responsible for publishing / modifying or assigning content from the twitter network or any other site, since our service aims to collect public information that is available everywhere on the twitter network. Also, our organization does not make public judgments and does not give any assessment to tweets and from the authors.

Does the product have support?

Although we have a small team, but our "smart" approach has allowed us to create support for the product 24/7 - you can be sure that the configuration will be successful and if there are failures, we will immediately find out about this and will solve the problem. As an extended solution, error output to telegrams or any other messenger having the ability to create a bot can also be entered. This is a search page, on this page you can indicate any request that interests you and get a reliable answer in the form of a tweet with statistical information.