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What kinds of features I will have?

  • 1. Personal Support 24/7.
  • 2. Data for all tweets.
  • 3. Maximum request monitoring time 3 minutes/request.
  • 4. Unlimited number of requests from one ip.
  • 5. You can choose format for report (excel, csv or API unswer in json).

Database of query statistics

This page contains a database of all requests for our free trial version of our twitter parser. When you click on any of the links you will be taken to a page displaying a random tweet (text, author and interaction data: retweets, etc.). Links in our catalog are structured from the most recent request to the oldest. The system updates information regularly.

Our tweeter data collector works in real time and allows you to collect data in unlimited quantities without the use of auxiliary resources. For example, to use our solution, you do not need any third-party components of the twitter API view or similar options. We took care of the system’s uptime for our clients and created a REST API for collecting tweets and all statistical indicators for them in real time.

Only the demo version of Tweets Researcher`s features is presented here

At the moment, our product in its extended paid version copes with:

Our solution is aimed at supplying the data you need about tweets for requests in any format you need 24/7 .