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Why do I need to monitor tweets with a tweet monitor?

Tweet monitoring is the process of constantly collecting tweets. This method is good for aggregating relevant information without interruptions, every day, hour, second. The collected data can then be used for further processing or display to users.

To whom monitoring of a twitter based on our twitter search api can help and with what?

1. An irreplaceable solution for financial analytics service

        Do you need to constantly monitor what the top executives of the company think?

This solution is for you. In conjunction with the analysis of the emotional color of speech, you can automatically filter out even terabytes of text and select the most significant tweets, which will make it possible to very quickly predict prices on exchange markets.


2. Attraction for sports betting


In sports betting, it’s sometimes very important to know about the morale of the players. The player is worried, drunk or somewhat dissatisfied with the game - this information will help your visitors make an appropriate decision.


3. Monitoring tweets by politicians and public figures


Many media use the open policy of Twitter and post tweets in their news, write content based on them. With our REST API, this process is becoming faster.


4. Competitor Monitoring


Do you need to constantly monitor the latest news on the market or be aware of what “what they breathe” and what the first persons of the competitors say - why not monitor their public Twitter accounts and requests, hashtags that are related to them? Just send us the form that is below and we are ready to help you in the collection of valuable information.

5. Building third-party applications and services


Monitoring tweets is just a toolkit (shovel :-)), which can be used specifically for your goals and conditions.

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Is it possible to monitor tweets yourself?

At first glance, it might seem that viewing data from a twitter is a simple solution. In principle, you can even manually monitor this social network for the desired events. For small research, the use of the manual principle, followed by collecting the necessary data or even simple analysis, is suitable for ordinary surfing on the Internet. But what if the number of accounts that need to be analyzed exceeds ten, a hundred? The need arises to look for ready-made solutions.

Congratulations! You have found exactly the solution you need!

Seriously, without jokes, this product was created under the same conditions: i.e. we had a need for constant data collection on parameters of interest to us from Twitter.

Why did we write our crawler of tweets?

Of course, the twitter has its own API, this solution out of the box does an excellent job of writing / editing / deleting tweets, but, for example, there are limitations in the issue of data collection that are laid down by the system.

And then a thought arose ...

Having the information stated just above, our team of perfectionists (I’m not afraid of this word) decided to apply their skills in building the classic REST API and create a product that can process significantly more information and faster than existing solutions. By the way, at the moment, the total load on our crawler is 1.800.000 requests per hour and this figure can be significantly increased.

How do we monitor tweets for you?

Our systematic approach and load balancing + security standards allowed us to create:

Our twitter search api: the technical side of monitoring tweets

At the moment, our monitoring has been implemented using a number of technical solutions in PHP, JS, Python, and even Go, which allowed us to create something like Google bot (i.e. crawler), but with the basis on:

Now our system can not only monitor the Twitter, but also has a data storage cache, in case there are problems on your part, which will then allow you to restore all the information collected. Moreover, we can store data in our database for you and supply you with the necessary information either in the form of files of the required format, or through our API.

What are our recommendations for using tweets collected as a result of monitoring using twitter search api?

Our lawyer has developed the main recommendations that will allow you to protect yourself from legal impact on your tweet monitoring processes. This information is primarily devoted to the publication of information:


1. Do not publish information from closed sources, because they are closed for something (!)


Tweets of hidden users should not be published and collected, since there is a violation of the user`s privacy policy here. If an account is available to everyone, it will also be indexed by search engines. Those. such accounts, in accordance with the rules for the provision of twitter services, agree that their tweets may be publicly available to all and collectible by search engines as well.


2. Assigning someone else’s tweet to yourself is a bad idea

If you ordered from us, for example, monitoring tweets with the keyword “Tesla" and our tweet monitor will give you all the information online, then you should not post it as such that belongs to you (i.e. indicate authorship when you post it on your site it’s a mandatory procedure).

Why is it so?

Everything is extremely simple - it is indirectly or directly recognized worldwide that information posted on the Internet by a person, organization - is also protected by intellectual property law. At the moment, the Twitter allows monitoring and public ation tweets, but the point still stands authorship. However, if you make the monitoring personal (your) accounts - feel free to do whatever you want .

How to monitor tweets real time - examples:

1. ESports app


Just imagine a database of several thousand entries in the form of e-sports cards, which belongs to a large information resource in the field of e-sports matches. The site aims to increase the engagement rate (Engagement rate) and decides to implement monitoring of tweets for each player.

The working scheme is as follows:

A user with a premium subscription goes to the desired profile -> a POST request is sent to our server -> data is collected from the player’s profile on the twitter and data from all over the tweeter, based on a search for words that relate to the player -> received information is sent to the front of the site for the user.

2. Competitors monitoring on twitter search api from Twitter Research

A channel is formed for a company in the field of beverage sales from all competitors in its sales region. The main task facing the organization: to identify stocks and new products for quick response of the sales network to changes in competitors.


3.Help in making a decision for a financial analyst

For a service that aggregates data from exchanges such as NASDAQ, several indicators are extremely important:

Add tweets of leading company representatives to financial analytics here was a good decision, because users got the opportunity to receive in addition to dry statistics from fin. markets are also able to analyze additional risks based on the statements of the first persons. Thus, monitoring tweets here really came in handy.

A few words about the twitter search api from the creator

Anton Dmitrenko is the creator of the crawler

Hello! My name is Anton Dmitrenko, I am one of the founding fathers of this project twitter search api from Tweets Research . I created a search engine for this system for collecting twitter tweets. I wrote an engine for full monitoring / search / collecting of tweets, and also performed its demo version. My inspiration was based primarily on needs. which I encountered. The task was to search and collect data in the form of public tweets and do it in large volumes, with high accuracy and legally.

How to collect data on twitter search api?

Creating an interface for interaction is not so difficult, but the most significant problem was the acceleration of data and its high-quality upload. Those. the limitations of the tweeter did not allow the use of its API, which created the need to implement its software product. After a comprehensive analysis of the problem, it was decided to write a crawler to collect data according to robots.txt, which is fully consistent with all agreements. For six months, I wrote with my colleague a product that could satisfy the needs of customers in the qualitative collection of information.

And now, having reached a working and stable version, we can confidently serve your data needs.

API and crawler operation scheme:

Scheme of our twitter search api In this sketch: 1 is your request, and 2 is the response of the service in json format.

How is a tweet monitor good for monitoring competitors?

We highlight two options for monitoring competitors, where the twitter search api comes in handy:

By the term "social position" we mean, of course, opinions about goods, services or promotions, as well as about certain events received using twitter search api from us.

Typical situations that our system can monitor for you:

Quick access to information about competitors is the key to the speed of your actions, which is expressed in creating competitive advantages for the action of the opposite side.

How can monitoring tweets help me in my data-analytics project?

The scheme of our work is that, starting with us, and at any stage, you have the opportunity to choose the required data format that you need to receive, requests for which there is a need to receive information, or use our API

Our most important advantage:

  Get data where and when you need, without limits, in any format  

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What kinds of features I will have?

  • 1. Personal Support 24/7.
  • 2. Data for all tweets.
  • 3. Maximum request monitoring time 3 minutes/request.
  • 4. Unlimited number of requests from one ip.
  • 5. You can choose format for report (excel, csv or API unswer in json).